In this book Georges Braque records his thoughts on art and life in his own handwriting and with his own illustrations. They are reproduced with ninety-four black and white photolithographs. This copy of the book also contains the later supplement published by Maeght in 1956.

During World War I Braque was wounded in the head and was temporarily blinded. This injury prevented him from painting for over a year. He resumed working in 1916 and the personal notes in this book began that year.

This book has been very popular. It started its life in 1947 with a limited edition of only ninety-five signed copies of ninety-four pages each including three photolithographs, two in color. The second edition appeared in 1948 in two versions: one with a single lithograph and 750 unsigned copies on vélin du Marais, of which this copy is one, and another with a signed color lithograph and ninety-five copies on vélin d’Arches. The cover of this second edition is the same lithograph as for the first edition but it is printed in a single shade of blue rather than two shades of blue. On the half-title page, handwritten and lithographed, Braque erroneously wrote "Cahier de Georges Braque 1917-1947" rather than 1916-1947 as the cover lithograph indicates, and the error has been part of the book’s title and cataloging ever since. In 1956 Maeght worked with Pierre-André Benoit to produce a supplement which added twenty-four pages, which are included with this copy. Printed by Fernand Mourlot.



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